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Meydan Grandstand, Rooftop Venue Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Average Cost For Two: 425 AED
Accepts Cash, Visa / Master Cards, International Cards.

RSVP: +971-50-4430933

Ladies Nights: Every Tuesday From 10:00 PM to 3:00 AM
Ladies Nights Offer: Unlimited selected drinks


  • Opening Hours: 11:00 PM – 3:00 AM
  • Entry Fees: Call for information
  • Music: DJ
  • Dress Code: Dressy
  • Dining: Available
  • Parking: Available

WHITE Dubai will pursue and stay true to the same standards. With its location at Meydan Racecourse Grandstand, WHITE Dubai is a high-tech and ultramodern space that is the ultimate go-to party destination to steer anyone’s evening escapades in the right direction, a night full of energy, thumping music and an overall feel-good vibe.

Like a fine wine (or a great scotch), the WHITE brand has matured. But don’t for a minute think we’ve slowed down. We still keep pace with the fast, fast city of Dubai, go out on hot dates, sip drinks alfresco, and indulge in wild nights. And do we still dance? Hell yeah, we still dance (how dare you even ask?). But we’re a bit wiser now; definitely more savvy, and have a ton of brand-new nighttime experiences to match any party-goer’s ever-expanding tastes.

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