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Side Banner ( 300 x 250 )

500.00 $ (Including 5% VAT)


Get more website traffic and sales

With banner advertisement, companies can put their message in front of future customers. It also drives clicks to their website and sales from interested audiences.

Advertise new products

Banner advertisements can help companies to advertise their new products because banner advertisements give them the freedom to say what they want not only with text but also photos and animation.

Build brand

Company’s brand name is one of company’s most important assets. By building trust with their customers, customers are more likely to purchase from them, not just once, but repeatedly. Banner advertisements allow them to get their website name and even their logo in front of their audience.

Find new customers

With search engine advertising, people have to know to look for the companies’ product or name. But with banner ads, companies can put their message right in front of the people. Introduce themselves to new customers to win new business.

Easy and cost-effective

Banner advertising has been put within reach of small businesses by new services. Online tools now let companies make free banner advertisements and buy online advertising space quickly and easily


Advertise about your products , services, events, promotions, offers, exhibitions and more on the top banner section of expatnights.com

Your advertisement / banner will be displayed on all pages in the side section

Format of the banner / advertisement must be JPEG, PNG, GIF

Size of the banner / advertisement must be 300 x 250 pix

Validity of the banner / advertisement will be 1 week


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