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FOCUS w/ Dominik Eulberg in Dubai

Media One Hotel, Dubai Media City



Media One Hotel, Media City, Dubai UAE

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EVENT DATE: 06-10-2016
HOTEL NAME: Media One Hotel
EVENT TIMINGS: 11:00 pm to 3:00 am
MOBILE NUMBER: 971501122675

We’re back! After an insane season opening event with Mind Against we will continue to showcase amazing talent in the intimate environment which is ON42. Over the last few seasons our scene has grown tremendously. As a result of lots of parties, a ton of artists, and too many options for our weekends, it has become quite difficult to find a solid vibe…Good music, good sound, a diverse/open minded crowd, and a suitable venue for the party to go down. At ‘Focus’ we aim to make sure that all of these boxes are checked and you are guaranteed a memorable experience.

This event series is designed for us to get together with familiar faces, and create a vibe which we can call our own. The focus is to strengthen our community, to support good music, to express ourselves. We look forward to working in the fully renovated space of Level 42 on October 6th & many more to come.

As usual The Artist Network & Groove on the grass crew will be cultivating the most forward thinking artist lineups. This time we bring the UAE debut of mastermind Dominik Eulberg! Dominik is one of the most forwardthinking producers and performers of our time, a staple on most music festival lineups and one of the most eccentric and open minded artists from the Cocoon & Tram roster… We cannot wait for his first show in Dubai!

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